dressed up like a car crash

your wheels are turning, but you're upside-down

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This fills me with joy! If only I had a project like this for Merlin :)

Series that rely on special effects would probably need a lot more money :/

But have faith! Who knows what the BBC may do someday :)

I can barely contain my ecstasy over the VM movie. I'm just so AMAZED. I knew how much Kristen wanted to do it but I never seriously believed it would happen. *sobs*

SAME. I thought it was going to be like, you know, Firefly series two or whatever—a brilliant, wonderful pipe dream that we all think about from time to time in a ohh-in-a-perfect-world kind of way.

Now there's this amazing. certainly exaggerated feeling of ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. And it's so beautiful I almost want to cry. Fandommmmm. ♥

Can't lie ... I donated to kickstarter, lol!

As did I! Are you kidding, easiest money-spending decision I've ever made. :DD

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